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Best Wireless Mice To Steer Up Your Gaming

by Rohan

Best Wireless Mice To Steer Up Your Gaming

From chargers to earphones, everything’s better when it’s wireless. But nothing is better than a  wireless gaming mouse. For hard-core over-night gaming sessions, you have to have a mouse that doesn’t disrupt your flow. The misjudgements about a wireless mouse having poor connectivity and short life have been put to rest with fast paced technological advancements. There are a hell lot of wireless gaming mice that will make you win those extra gems. Out of all those available, the best wireless gaming mouse can be spotted in the following list.

1.   Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed comes with a Hero 25K, Optimal LED sensor, customizability and a swooping 25,600 DPI. It is very accurate & comfortable; and is right-handedly shaped. It comes with 11 multi-functional buttons, powerplay compatibility and adjustable weight. But it does not work best with small hands. Logitech G hub software and 100 hours battery life are its key takeaways.

2.  Razer Naga Pro

This right-handed gaming mouse with 10/14/20 functional buttons is your smart buy. Razer Naga Pro offers 150 hours of battery life and is amazingly versatile. It has Focus+, Optical LED sensors and 20,000 DPI. With bluetooth compatibility and Razer’s authenticity, it is here to give you an exquisite gaming experience. Although, it might seem expensive to some and does not prove effective for small hands.

3.   Asus ROG Spatha

While this one does not come with bluetooth connectivity, it still is one of your best choices for gaming. Asus ROG has laser sensors and DPI count of 8,500. The key attractions of this mouse are its ultra preciseness and 12 functionable buttons. Its ergonomic design with textured grips and thumb rest is specific for large hands. The mouse is super durable and can be your best wireless gaming mouse.

4.  Logitech G305

With 250 hours AA battery life and 12,000 DPI count, Logitech G305 is our next deal of the day. Hero, Optimal LED sensors, super fast response speed and USB interface come at an extremely affordable price with Logitech G305. It has 6 programmable buttons but unfortunately, doesn’t support bluetooth connectivity. The mouse is very comfortable, lightweight and provides firm grip.

5.  Razer Viper Ultimate

The best wireless gaming mouse for left-handers out there is Razer Viper Ultimate. It is so bad that the whole world is designed according to right-handers, but not your gaming mouse. It has DPI as high as 20,000 and 70 hours of battery life. The ambidextrous design and wide back provides a great palm grip. The Razer Viper Ultimate is supported with Synapse software with adjustable RGB lighting and DPI settings. However, it doesn’t support bluetooth and is uncomfortable for big hands.


According to my perspective, Razer Naga Pro is the best wireless gaming mouse in the market. For continued and focused gaming, this one is undeniably wonderful with the most attractive features and compatibility. Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the next best pick and can do wonders while in the gaming field.

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